Everyone needs
A Most Wondrous Place.
But where do you find it?

In the big box with the heating lamp at The Feed And Seed Store, Gracie stayed close to Bessie. That is just what best friends do. From time to time, a shadow would block the light. Then a big hand would scoop up some of her hatch-mates.

Gracie did not know what happened to those who were taken away. She only hoped that it would be for the better when it happened to her, that it would be with Bessie, and that they would be going to A Most Wondrous Place.

But being in A Most Wondrous Place only happened to fortunate chicks, Gracie thought. Surely for Bessie, but not her. Things like that never happened to those not quite good enough like her.

Gracie’s gentle heart could not dare to dream that one day she would become the leader of her backyard flock. But she would and so much more. And it all happened in A Most Wondrous Place.

Journey into Gracie’s backyard garden home
and discover what makes somewhere
A Most Wondrous Place.

You may even discover what chickens call
The Promise Of A Most Wondrous Place.

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